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Community Issues  

How your safety is being threatened:

Dangerously low staffing levels:
Nationally, the average number of firefighters per one thousand residents is 1.4/1000.
The regional average = .93/1000
Chula Vista = .51/1000
This makes things like a house fire or brush fire more dangerous for you and firefighters alike.

Good Plan, Poor Execution:
Within the last year, City Council paid an independent consultant over $100,000 for a plan to address the anemic fire protection levels within our city. Among other items, the plan called for 15 fire stations (currently the city has 9 stations). Closing a fire station would be ignoring these recommendations. The need for adequate public safety doesn't disappear during a financial crisis!



What you can do about it:

Contact City Council with your concerns
We've prepared a form letter for you to review, electronically sign and send to the important city officials.

Attend a City Council meeting and "Request to Speak " If you can attend an upcoming meeting, you are allowed up to 3 minutes to speak on the topic of your choice. If you feel as passionate about these issues as we do, we encourage you to come down and express yourself!
Click here for more information.

Read more about these important issues
Please visit the Chula Vista Firefighters Local 2180 website where you can find additional information.

Email us your questions and/or comments
If you have any additional questions, or would like to let us know how you feel about these issues, please contact us: info@chulavistapublicsafety.org