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Proposition A | Arguments For Passage
(Prop A is a proposed 1% increase in sales tax in Chula Vista)

  Argument for Prop A  
  Failure to pass this proposition will harm to Chula Vista families, neighbors and businesses.

Chula Vista already has the fewest police offices and fire fighters per capita of any city in the county. Prop A prevents cutting 23 police officer positions, maintaining K9 units, anti-gang offices, and saves an entire fire engine company. Without Prop A, police, fire, and medical response times will increase. That is why police, fire, and local business and neighborhood leaders all urge you to vote YES on A.

Additional Cuts will not solve this problem.

The city has already eliminated 165 positions. City workers voluntarily gave up pay raises. Everything that can be cut without compromising our safety and health has been cut. That is why Mayor Cox and council members Castaneda, Bensoussan and Ramirez all support Prop A. They've disagreed on issues in the past, but they know Prop A is urgently needed to preserve basic city services.

Don't be fooled by political shell games.

A few local politicians want to exploit this emergency for political gain. But their "contingency plans" – like selling land slated for a university and a job park – are just shell games that don't begin to solve our financial problems.

YES on A for local control and accountability.
Prop A keeps local tax dollars in Chula Vista to serve residents, not diverted to Sacramento. It requires an independent oversight board to ensure funds are used as promised and to hold politicians accountable for future expenditures.

YES on Prop A protects our health, safety, and quality of life.

Pamela Bensoussan, Councilmember,
City of Chula Vista

Steve Castaneda, Councilmember,
City of Chula Vista

Frank (Buddy) Magor, President,
Chula Vista Police Officers Association

David Bejarano, Police Chief,
San Diego Police Department (Ret.)

Kevin O'Neill, Local Business Leader